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- You have lots of choices for a dealership website. What makes them different? What makes you different? Dealertrack Interactive's dealer websites are progressive, custom, functional, unique, SEO-friendly and user-intelligible. But Dealertrack Interactive's unique approach to inventory integration takes dealer websites to the next level by engaging your users the way they expect.

Custom Website Design

Your dealer website is not just a website. It's a first impression. The industry has moved past templated "skins" where you get to choose your color and move on. Dealertrack Interactive constructs your website according to your brand, your market, your customer... the way you want it.

Search Optimized Content

Dealertrack Interactive's dealer website structure is built according to rules, guidelines and research from the SEO community and our in-house SEO pros. From dynamic Inventory SEO to unique page structures and content, our websites simply show up at the top. Dealertrack Interactive is an ASMA award winner for 2009.

Advanced Photo Galleries

Our media player is continually upgraded to stay on-par with user expectations. Our photo galleries can be viewed in the format most comfortable for the user. From slideshows to scrolls to full size photo lists and frames dynamically fitted to the user's screen, our media player is intelligently flexible.

Dealertrack Interactive AutoReel® Video

Take your user experience to the next level with video. AutoReel® w/TrueVoice provides an interactive experience with a real human voice and details specific to the vehicle itself. Increase views and conversions while adding depth and credibility to your dealership website.

Homepage Specials

Your inventory should be proudly displayed and integrated throughout the website in an intelligent and dynamic fashion. Any specials you create within our specials system can be optionally displayed on the homepage creating an ever-changing experience for your users.

Automatic Featured Pre-Owned

Dealertrack Interactive's intelligent Featured Pre-Owned vehicle displays serve up vehicles based on the user's behavior and interests taking the work off your plate and keeping each experience unique.

Social Integration

Sharing capabilities for Facebook, Twitter, Digg and many more. Dealertrack Interactive works with your dealership and integrates social media according to your objectives. Be as involved as you want to be.

Evox Images & 360 Spins

We pull from the industry's most trusted source for new vehicle data and display the information in beautiful, uniform fashion with interactive 360 views of interior and exterior for new vehicles.

Mobile Websites

Our newly developed Mobile Websites are intelligent and fast. We took our forward-thinking filtered inventory search from our dealer websites and integrated it directly into an easy-to-use mobile application customized with your logo and colors.


- You spend effort, time and money driving traffic to your website. If your dealership website goes ignored, you are going to lose that hard-earned traffic in seconds. Informing your visitors properly and greeting them with useful and fresh information that guides them during their visit will leave that person feeling like they could do business with a company like yours.

Real-Time Inventory

Our partnership with Chrome Data allows our automotive inventory management system to access one-to-one vehicle data, which enables the display of true manufacturer options down to color, trim, engine specs, mpg and more with the option to print original window stickers direct from our software.

Advanced Filter Search

Rich vehicle descriptions are paramount to the success of selling your vehicle online. The Dealertrack Interactive dealer inventory software makes it easier and faster than ever possible with pre-built and customizable "mad lib" style phrase editing, which allows your dealership to maintain control over pre-approved legal phrasing.

Integrated Specials

Our drag-and-drop interface supports multiple vehicle uploads with the ability to assign certain photos to different sources (some to eBay, some to AutoTrader). We offer full dealer video integration through our own Dealertrack Interactive AutoReel® with "TrueVoice" technology.

"Go Green" MPG Alerts

Gas savings is a major deciding factor when it comes to vehicle searches and buying behavior. Our vehicle details pages provide "Go Green" buttons and labels on all vehicles that meet minimum EPA standards for fuel-efficient vehicles.

Instant Finance Calculator

Plug-and-play data allows your users to calculate payments for their vehicle of interest with editable fields for down payments, price and term providing them with all potential options.

Google Maps Integration

Not just flat, static maps, but fully interactive Google maps with driving directions and zoom capabilities - all without your user having to leave your website to get the information they need.

News & Events Blog

Dealertrack Interactive will work with you to build intuitive and dynamic content surrounding your dealership. News & Events are a great way to interact with your potential and existing customers while providing dynamic and fresh content that keeps them coming back.


- Dealer websites don't convert browsers into potential buyers without providing the visitor with a pleasant experience chalk-full of useful information that answers questions throughout their search. Dealertrack Interactive dealer websites convert customers who are serious about doing business with your company. We don't believe in holding back information just to "get the lead". We believe in quality over quantity and providing a screening process to alleviate unnecessary work on your end.

Lead Capture

Dealertrack Interactive dealership websites integrate lead forms, phone numbers and contact information on every page, every vehicle, and every step. When your visitor feels they are ready, we make it easy for them to take that next step.


Dealer chat has been proven to convert website visitors at a higher rate than without chat. For that reason, Dealertrack Interactive has developed our own intuitive and integrated chat system within the Dealertrack Interactive software. Only Dealertrack Interactive's SmartChat provides the dealer with intelligent information based on the user's experience while giving the dealer rep vital data and statistics on their vehicles and market pricing data. The result is a user experience that is met with answers to specific questions about your specific vehicles which results in high-converting visitor rates.

Automated Incentives

Dealertrack Interactive's unique API pulls real-time OEM incentives and converts the data into integrated displays throughout your car dealer website. This takes the work off your plate by automating the process, so you can relax knowing that your visitors are being met with accurate factory incentives.

Vehicle Finder

For those potential customers who know exactly what they are looking for, yet you may not have it in stock we provide our intelligent vehicle finder. Your users will be notified when the vehicle they are looking for becomes available while you receive alerts.

Credit Applications

Our secure credit applications are built to put your potential customer at ease knowing their information is being submitted through a secure server and delivered direct to you.

Traffic Reporting

Real-time traffic and visitor reporting provides you with information to make vital decisions on your marketing so you can focus on the areas that convert at the highest levels possible.

Portal Websites

Portal Websites

Dealer groups benefit from Dealertrack Interactive's award winning structure and navigation to promote all inventory in a custom group portal.

Franchise Websites

Franchise Websites

For franchise dealers who want to take their website to the next level, Dealertrack Interactive offers completely custom web design.

Independent Websites

Independent Websites

Our independent websites are expertly designed, and are fully integrated with our inventory management software.