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Your website visitors are looking for information in real-time. Why let them flounder with emails that take hours and sometimes days for a response? They want answers and they want them now. Chat is the bridge between email leads and phone calls for people who need instant information but just aren't ready to pick up the phone. Best of all, our dealership study shows that chat doesn't reduce email leads!

Inventory+'s Dealer SmartChat is a huge success. Our dealers love the inventory integration and the ability to pull up the details of the vehicle while chatting with a customer about the car. But many dealers haven't determined who in their store has the time, patience or knowledge on how to communicate with potential customers via Chat. Nor do they have staff to manage off-hours chats. That's why Inventory+ is proud to present Managed SmartChat.

Let Inventory+ take the workload off your sales people, BDC or managers by screening chats, getting the contact information and then forwarding hot leads to your staff. Our designated staff of chatters are trained on the best customer service techniques in order to represent your dealership professionally while successfully obtaining contact information from your potential customers.


Here's some of the basics on our Managed SmartChat™ product:

•  Our managed chat service average is a 99% answer rate, with 76% of answered chats being being converted into lead

•  24/7 Coverage

•  English speaking SmartChat™ staff, based in the USA

•  Inventory+ SmartChat™ is directly integrated with your active inventory

•  SmartChat staff can recommend individual and groupings of vehicles with our internal search filters taking customer service further than anybody else

    - SmartChat staff can answer option specific questions

    - Multiple layers of inventory responses available, based on your dealership's comfort level

    - Portal sites, including inventory from multiple dealerships can be routed back to the correct dealership's staff and/or CRM

•  Converted SmartChat™ leads are routed to CRM with proper formatting

    - Includes routing to different sales teams: new and pre-owned

    - Includes routing to different departments: sales vs. service & parts (service chats routed away from sales CRM)

•  SmartChat™ reporting, with complete chat logs, visual graphs and spreadsheets of incoming leads.

    - Leads are integrated into your Inventory+ Health Report for total accuracy in overall dealership performance


Our team will gather vehicles interested, full trade info, and more importantly the mood of the customer. Since we’re integrated into your active inventory, we’re able to attach vehicles to the chat for CRMs and can even differentiate owners of the vehicle for Portal Sites with multiple dealerships. That way the lead will always flow to the correct area for proper follow up and accountability.

Still want to answer your own chats? We also have a hybrid chat system where our team serves as backup when BDC or Sales staff at the dealership can't answer within a given amount of time.


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