Digital Paperwork.

If you market online, shouldn't you be able to
complete the SALE online?

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Digital Paperwork

If you market online, shouldn't you be able to complete the SALE online?

Sounds like a simple question, however, other "online marketing" companies simply can't do this! Inventory+ software was designed with a "customer-centric" focus. We believe that good online marketing software should also be able to integrate and communicate with your customers 24 hours per day.

With Inventory+ software powering your dealership - you really are open 24 hours, 7 days per week. Never again are you chained to your dealership! Our dealers can automatically complete paperwork and update customer files from ANY Internet enabled device.

Features include:

Real Time eBay Integration
• With a buyitnow - the Inventory+ paperwork system will start the online customer paperwork anytime - day or night.

Secure Paperwork
• Rest assured - the Inventory+ paperwork system uses SSL encryption and only PDF "un-editable" documents to create and manage paperwork. Store and capture customer information online without security risk.

Custom Forms
• Inventory+ is used by dealerships all over the United States and already has most forms digitized. However, should you need custom forms - no problem! Our module is completely customizable to fit any dealership's specific needs.

NO Hassle Sales
• With Inventory+, all you need is an email address to sell a vehicle. That's right - one email begins the process. Simply send your customer the instruction letter and let Inventory+ do the work for you. If your deal falls through - you have wasted no time with overnight fees and/or faxing!

Ancillary Revenue
• Put your F&I department on your customer's desktop. Market your financing, extended service contracts and even shipping services to them during the paperwork process. Increase dealership gross by capturing this often missed opportunity with online customers.