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- Inventory+'s premier dealer inventory management software starts with pulling data from the origin, interpreting the information and presenting it to you in an easy-to-use software platform.

DMS Polling

Automatic Polling from all major systems and any 3rd party source with optional manual entry and file uploading.

Carfax & AutoCheck Integration

During both the acquisition and marketing of your inventory, vehicle history reports are imperative to successful online marketing. We have partnered with both Carfax and AutoCheck to provide integrated management of vehicle history data across all platforms.


- One-of-a-kind dealer inventory software enables our dealers to enrich simple inventory data with elaborate tools designed to accurately and passionately promote your vehicles online.

VIN Explosion

Our partnership with Chrome Data allows our automotive inventory management system to access one-to-one vehicle data, which enables the display of true manufacturer options down to color, trim, engine specs, mpg and more with the option to print original window stickers direct from our software.

Description Builder

Rich vehicle descriptions are paramount to the success of selling your vehicle online. The Inventory+ dealer inventory software makes it easier and faster than ever possible with pre-built and customizable "mad lib" style phrase editing, which allows your dealership to maintain control over pre-approved legal phrasing.

Photo / Video Uploads

Our drag-and-drop interface supports multiple vehicle uploads with the ability to assign certain photos to different sources (some to eBay, some to AutoTrader). We offer full dealer video integration through our own Inventory+ AutoReel with "TrueVoice" technology.

Pricing Guidance

The most up to date live market data on all competing cars locally and Nationally provides you with accurate and competitive pricing data to help you price your inventory.


- Now that your inventory is ready to be seen online, our vehicle listing software takes automotive inventory management to the next level by getting your vehicles to the online automotive marketplace.

Online Inventory Distribution

Send your vehicles anywhere online including AutoTrader,, Craigslist, Vehix, AOL, and your website. Inventory+ is an eBay preferred vendor with the most robust vehicle software for eBay on the market. If there's a website you want your cars on, we can send it.

Window Stickers

Create custom, data-rich window stickers with your brand's look/feel directly from Inventory+'s automotive inventory management software. You can even print buyers guides with warranty status for that extra added-value for your customers.

Dealership Health Reporting

Delivers a one-look synopsis and score based on how well you are marketing your vehicles online.


- Now your ready to get those vehicles off the floor and on your books. Inventory+'s dealer inventory management software assists you all the way down to the sale.

Digital Paperwork

Initiate the paperwork process with one click. Our system sends encrypted, secure documents instantly online and worldwide eliminating courier costs and firming up commitments on the other end.

Expense Tracking

Manage all expenses related to the disribution of your vehicles online including line-itemed eBay reports providing you with true NET profit on your vehicles.

Inventory Management

Inventory+ provides you multiple ways to import inventory. Whether you require a feed from a 3rd-party dealer service vendor, integration with your legacy DMS, or you enter your vehicles manually, we have attempted to make the process as painless and intuitive as possible.

Inventory+ Software

Inventory+ imports your inventory from 3rd-party vendors, legacy DMS, manual input, photo and video uploads, and text file and spreadsheet uploads into our inventory management software. Your vehicles are then distributed to all of the major vehicle sites, including ebay motors,,, aol autos,, google, google base, and craigslist, enabling your inventory to reach the largest number of customers.