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“It’s got something to do with my META tags... right?” - An Innocent Dealer

Automotive Search Engine Optimization is a term that can be interpreted very differently between different automotive SEO providers. Some will riddle you with vagueness, insert META tags on your homepage and call the job done. But META tags are just one very small piece of a very large puzzle consisting of everything from keyword research to code optimization to custom content and external linking. If any piece of that puzzle is missing, the results will suffer... and possibly put you in hot water with the search engines.

Dealertrack Interactive’s fundamental web design is SEO-ready. That means your dealer website comes prepped with the necessary elements for search engines to properly index (find and rank) your website. The next step is to plug the front-end pieces of the puzzle in so that your website is fully optimized. Our job then is to maintain those rankings, and ensure they continue to make their way to the top. Dealertrack Interactive’s team has achieved thousands of keyword position increases for hundreds of websites. We will educate you on SEO - not keep it in black box.

So ask yourself - what exactly am I paying my SEO company to do? Or better yet - ask them!

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